Majora’s Mask Apocalypse Countdown

A little while ago, in a dark corner of the internet, went online. Upon arrival, all a viewer is presented with are a terrifying animation of Majora’s Mask (of Zelda fame) a countdown clock and a creepy quote from the N64 game, with an ominous version of the ‘Final Hours’ track playing over it all.

When’s it counting down to? The 21st December, aka the ‘predicted’ Mayan Apocalypse date.

What’s it counting down to, then? Your first guess is wrong. It’s not a Majora’s Mask remake; in fact the website is a very clever method of self-promotion for the musician Theophany, as evidenced by the Facebook and Bandcamp links in the top right hand corner. He’s responsible for the beautiful tracks being played, and is planning to release the MM covers album, Time’s End, when the countdown reaches zero.

Theophany has posted one of the tracks on YouTube before this however, a heartbreaking rendition of ‘Lover’s Mask’, a song accompanying Kafei and Anju’s bittersweet tale.

It’s a very impressive effort, and one Nintendo really should have thought of first, announcing a remake at the ‘end of the world’. Of course, that would have made entirely too much sense.

Theophany’s Facebook
Theophany’s Bandcamp





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